The Community Health Worker (CHW) Registry is a repository of database of CHWs in Ghana. It is also a platform through which competent CHWs that have received the required training, skills and experience are identified.

The One Million CHW (1mCHW) Campaign in 2016 collaborated with Ghana Government, Youth Employment Agency and Ghana Health Service to deploy 20,000 CHWs across the country. Click on the link CHW District and Regional Distribution.

The mandate of the CHWs is to support the Community Health and Planning Services (CHPS) implementation and strengthen health systems at community and household level.

In Ashanti region which served as the lab site of the CHW program, Millennium Promise and 1mCHW Campaign with funding support from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and British Telecom (BT) equipped CHWs with smart phones with CeTracker mobile application to register all household members and send real-time reports on health status of pregnant women, children under five and other household members from their respective communities to a central server for immediate attention and response.


Other logistics like bag packs, MUAC tapes etc. where given to support household visit and primary health care. This is to bring immediate attention to Community Health Nurses (CHOs) who is the immediate supervisor to the CHW for immediate support.

Trained CHWs have been profiled on this registry with names, regions, districts, sub districts, CHPS zones and communities where the CHWs are working. The names of CHWs on the registry indicate that the CHWs have worked with the Youth Employment Agency under the CHW module and received the required training, skills and assigned to a community.


All CHWs have been mapped out to provide a quick view of communities where they are concentrated. The map could be zoomed in to display the details of the CHWs.