MPA, Praxis Africa sign MoU to promote sanitation in Ghana

The Millennium Promise Alliance (MPA) has entered into an agreement with Praxis Africa to promote sanitation in the country towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6.

The agreement was reached following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two non-governmental institutions on Thursday, December 14, 2017.

The partnership will equip the people of Ghana with the requisite knowledge to take back their rights and duties as responsible citizens in maintaining a clean and healthy sanitary environment.

Per the dictates of the agreement, the two institutions will collaborate with the Ministry of Water and Sanitation to ensure synergies with the National Sanitation Brigade that is to be created under the National Sanitation Campaign.

The partners will also collaborate with the Sanitation Inspectors of the ‘Clean Ghana’ program that was announced in the 2018 Budget statement to focus on enforcing Sanitation laws and inspection to ensure clean communities.

The Country Director for Millennium Promise Alliance, Chief Nat Ebo Nsarko, told journalists that he blames the various sanitation companies who are pretending to help solve the numerous sanitation issues that are confronting the country but end up siphoning the tax payers’ hard earned money.

He commended the government for creating the Clean Ghana initiate and National Sanitation Brigade but cautioned that they should be mindful of these pretentious sanitation companies whose motive is only to milk the state.

“They may look very attractive but their intentions are clearly that which will embarrass the government should it allow to be lured,” he added.

He said it was time the government puts in measures to revamp institutions such as the Schools of Hygiene looking at the enormous role they have played in the training of environmental health officers whose task is to promote sanitation and monitor households to ensure clean surroundings.

Under the partnership, he said communities will be actively engaged and empowered to lead and drive improved sanitation.

Community sanitation ambassadors will be identified to champion and spearhead sanitation issues within their communities, he said.

Furthermore, he said there will be provision of improved water and sanitation facilities to selected communities and institutions.

Tony Mensah Abrempah, Country Director of Praxis Africa who expressed optimism that the partnership will help the country to achieve a cleaner environment.

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